A young student points a leaf blower to the camera after cutting grass for LocalStudent.
A young man looks at the camera while blowing leaves and providing leaf cleanup services.

Rake leaves on your schedule

A young man looks at his phone while his laptop is on his lap on a bright blue background, she is providing online tutoring services.

Canada's #1 Student Job

With a 4.7 Star Google Rating and 17,000+ services completed, Canadian students love working with LocalStudent.

"The best job I ever had."

I've been working with LocalStudent for more than 2 years now. I had the opportunity to provide lawn mowing and leaf raking services in my community. I could not recommend enough applying for a LocalStudent position today, as a student myself this was by far the best job I ever had!

Kamran Fotovat

As Seen on TV!

Canadians are excited about the potential of LocalStudent! Visit the News Page to watch our features on CBC, the Toronto Star and more.

Make Extra Cash

Being a student is hard. That's why we make it easy for students like you to balance school while earning extra cash.

A young man holding a leaf blower on a bright orange background

Enjoy the Outdoors

Get your daily exercise in while enjoying the Fall weather, as the beautiful leaves fall around you.

become a localstudent

Make your next job the right one

Work when you want
Get paid quickly
Make an impact
Recommended by students like you

With 17,000+ services completed and a 4.7 Star Google Rating, students love LocalStudent.

"I have been working with LocalStudent for over 2 years now doing grass cutting, leaf raking, and now tutoring as well! I could not recommend enough applying for a LocalStudent position today, as a fellow student myself I can promise you will not regret it!"

Landon Leone

"One of the biggest benefits was that there was no micromanagement, I was able to choose my own schedule and it provided me with an opportunity to plan, communicate, and work at my own pace. Ultimately knowing that my hard work is going to earn me money."

Kamran Fotovat

"My time with LocalStudent has been outstanding! Everyone is very welcoming and responsive no matter what time or situation. One of the best support systems. They have an app which makes it easy to find available jobs in your area, and payments come in fast."

Ondrej Mihajlovic
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