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"I wish I knew about this earlier!"

- Jessica B.

Lawn Mowing, Leaf Cleanup & Tutoring

Pressure Washing Now Available!

Support a local student in your community. As seen on CBC and The Toronto Star. Get a free quote today!

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Support a Student

This summer, help a hard-working student save up for college or university.

With the skyrocketing costs of rent, textbooks and tuition, students across Canada are working hard to earn money this summer to fund their education. Support a student in your neighbourhood today!

A young student points a leaf blower to the camera after cutting grass for LocalStudent.
A young man looks at the camera and hold a leaf blower and is blowing leaves and performing a leaf cleanup service.

Pressure Washing

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Join our 3,000 happy Canadian homeowners
Since launching in Toronto in 2019, we have serviced over 3,000 homeowners across the country, offering services like grass cutting, leaf raking and tutoring. LocalStudent is proud to be a Canadian small business.
Support a Student
Supporting students helps the local economy and gives a student valuable job experience, all while empowering them to fund their education.
Easy to Use
It only takes 2 minutes to get a quote and book your service. Choose from affordable services like grass cutting, leaf raking and online tutoring.
Quality Service
We perform quality checks and vet students during our hiring process. So sit back, relax, and leave it to LocalStudent to get the job done!
Save Time
Let a student mow your lawn or tutor your kids, so you can spend extra time with your family or watch your favourite show. Take back your time with LocalStudent.

As seen on TV!

Canadians are excited about the potential of LocalStudent! Visit the News Page to watch our features on CBC, the Toronto Star and more.

Frequently asked questions

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How does this work?

Our service works in 3 easy steps!

1. We ask you a few questions and provide you with a custom quote for the service you choose, such as lawn mowing, leaf raking or tutoring.

2. Choose from one-time or ongoing services.

3. A student will arrive at the scheduled date. You only pay after the service has been completed!

How much do your services cost?

We offer a custom price for each customer, to ensure you are only paying for what you need. For example, a quote for a lawn mowing service will depend on the size of your yard, as well as how frequently you need the service. We offer our customers an affordable price.

Do you provide your own equipment?

Yes! We absolutely provide our own equipment. For our lawn mowing service, our students will arrive with a lawn mowing, trimmer, and any other necessary equipment.

What our customers say

With 3,000 happy customers and a 4.7 Star Google Rating, you can count on LocalStudent to get the job done.

"LocalStudent came through for our family, when we needed it the most. They worked on my family's schedule, their customer service is impeccable & they are helping the community by giving students jobs. Thanks to all the students who came to help, on behalf of my family."

A happy client of LocalStudent
Jason B.
Markham, ON

"I couldn't be happier with the service I received from LocalStudent. On the day of the service, a student who lived near me arrived ready to work. He was fantastic. An awesome company, and reliable service at a fair price. I will definitely be booking again soon. Thanks guys!"

Another homeowner happy with LocalStudent services.
Aileen G.
Toronto, ON

"What a smart business model to support students while getting services done around your home. Easy and quick to book a service. The energy and enthusiasm from a student is refreshing. You support them, they support you. One day this will be sold to Silicon Valley!"

A smiling happy customer after LocalStudent helped him out
James Coburn
Vaughan, ON

There's a student for that.

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